Xbox One S will arrive in August

The Xbox One S

The new slimmed down Xbox One console, named Xbox One S will be released next month. It will cost £350, and as well as being 40% smaller than its predecessor (making it the smallest Xbox ever), it has some new features too. They include an IR blaster, front-facing USB port and a built in power supply. But, it’s not just the console that’s been redesigned – a new controller comes included which exhibits a textured grip and Bluetooth, which means you can now use it with certain PCs without the need for a wireless adapter.

For those wanting cutting edge video quality, the console supports 4K Ultra HD for Blu-ray and content streamed from Netflix and Amazon Video. HDR support has been added too, which promises to deliver richer colours and darker blacks when playing videos and games.

The Xbox One S will launch with 2TB of storage, with 1TB and 500GB models being available at a later date.

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