Devil May Cry 5 domain name registered by Capcom


For those eagle-eyed enough to spot them, domain name registrations are becoming a pretty big indicator that a game is in development. This one is no exception, as it is been reported that has been registered by the same registrar used by Capcom for previous game releases, Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 7.

Does this mean that we’ll see the game make an appearance at E3? We’ll have to wait and see. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an original Devil May Cry game developed by Capcom. Devil May Cry 4 was released now over 10 years ago, meaning a new game is long overdue. That doesn’t including the spinoff game DmC developed by Ninja Theory, which was one of the worst selling games of the series.

The last game to be released, the Devil May Cry HD Collection remaster, was well received by fans, so that might have helped reaffirm Capcom’s commitment to the franchise.

Elsewhere, it’s been reported that the domain has been updated at the registry. This could indicate that Capcom are ready to reveal more about the HD remake at E3, the game which was originally confirmed in 2015.

We’re now less than a week away to the start of the E3, which begins on 12th June at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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