Call of Duty WWII is free to download via PlayStation Plus from today

Sledgehammer Games / Activision

June’s PlayStation Plus games include the excellent Call of Duty WWII, and it’s available to download for free from 26th May. It’s the only PlayStation Plus game for June announced so far, but Sony Interactive Entertainment said on Twitter that the rest of the lineup will be released later this week.

Even without the other June titles, WWII is certainly good enough for us. Here’s my short look back at the AAA title made by Sledgehammer Games.

Originally released in 2017, Call of Duty WWII was a huge success, becoming the best selling game of the year, and at the time was the highest selling Call of Duty game of the console generation.

Set in World War II, the game is rightly stripped back, with the return of a “boots on the ground” style which focused on core gameplay. This meant no aerial combat, and certainly no jetpacks. Not including a Campaign mode was unheard of for a Call of Duty game in 2017, and WWII didn’t break tradition, so included this along with Multiplayer. However, it was the latter which I’ve played the most of.

Sledgehammer Games / Activision

Multiplayer comes with some great game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Infected, and Prop Hunt. Prop Hunt is great for when you want to wind down for the evening, especially if you had just had some appalling round of Team Deathmatch, which I’m not afraid to say I often do. War also arrived with WWII, a gamemode where teams work together to complete objectives. This gamemode also came complete with its own set of maps.

The majority of multiplayer gameplay is well balanced, and it doesn’t feel like a disadvantage to spawn in other areas of the map. While multiplayer does include a system where you can buy points, this aspect is respectfully implemented.

I’m firmly in the camp that when games do sell loot, it should be purely cosmetic and shouldn’t affect gameplay. Sledgehammer did a great job in this respect. There are tons of outfit combinations, gun camos, charms, hats and more. And these cosmetics don’t just change looks in a small way. Instead, they change your entire appearance, so it’s quite enjoyable to open new loot drops and collect a certain look.

Call of Duty WWII sets a memorable atmosphere. The score by composer Wilbert Roget II is striking, and considering the setting of the game, the art style is actually surprisingly colourful. It makes a change from the multiple shades of grey that we’re used to seeing with this type of title.

Sledgehammer Games / Activision

If you’re looking for your next game to play during lockdown then look no further. I have many fond memories of playing Call of Duty WWII, which I consider to be highly underrated, and one of the best games of the franchise. Pick it up for free now via PlayStation Plus.


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